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Sustainable Enterprise Security Risk Management For Gold Mining

Effective Asset protection and loss prevention is critical to corporate stability and growth. Social and political unrest happens quickly and easily, but reactions are often slow. Stakeholders need assurance their investments are shielded from unexpected value-destroying events.

Armetor provides strategic, operational, and site-level Enterprise Security Risk Management solutions that focus on the likely causes of theft, conflict, and instability well before the ill-effects are felt. Our approach focuses on positive engagement with a community and workforce, rather than isolating from them, thereby reducing future incidents of theft, sabotage, and protest.

Sustainable Security for Mining

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Security solutions for the mining industry
Gold Mine Security

People, not tools or technology, make decisions in challenging times. Building bridges – not walls – with communities adds a “social fence” that is more valuable and long-lasting than physical ones.

Security strategy designed by Armetor is top-driven, people-centric and adaptable to the diverse, location-specific threats to a business. We combine frameworks for clear guidance, capable and flexible resources, good communications, inter-departmental cooperation, relevant metrics, and strong leadership.

We apply community-sensitive security approaches and Responsible Gold Mining Principles (RGMP), examining how companies implement the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) to include integration in their tactical, safety and environmental security risk registers.

Armetor adds value by getting security culture right in developing a security-conscious workforce, promoting behaviours required from staff, mitigating risk, and preventing loss.

Balancing knowledge of gold industry security standards along with private sector and government best practices, we review security tactics, techniques, procedures, and protocols, providing recommendations that consider a client’s specific circumstances and the culture of their operating environment. Embracing the Enterprise Security Risk Management process, we identify potential overlap of effort to reduce inefficiencies that may be missed by departments not always working in concert with each other. We condense multiple practices and procedure streams into a coherent series of guidelines that promotes and enables freedom of action to address the interconnected, long-term drivers of insecurity.

Armetor’s proprietary Gold Security Management Audit tool consists of over 390 points across 11 subject areas based on industry standard, best management practices, and peer group experience. The scope extends from corporate policy through site-specific standard operating procedures. The results provide a quantitative indication of a mine’s vulnerabilities for protection of gold and gold bearing material which can inform internal (corporate) or external (investor) decision-making. Our engagement can extend to third-party auditor for partial or complete assessments annually, leveraging the same audit tool, thereby providing consistent criteria and metrics for compliance objectives which can then be tied to KPIs.

Our Executive Team

Extensive Global Corporate & Military Experience

Leadership based on experience is at the core of our philosophy; so is doing the basics well.

Our founders are exceptionally qualified and have been professionally trained to assess, develop, and implement holistic security solutions with proven frameworks and capabilities consistent with each client’s vision and growth profile. A combined 65 years of security-oriented experience across the globe ensures the strategic, operational, and tactical solutions provided by Armetor are adapted to each mine’s needs, the experience levels of workforces, and the realities of local operating environments. Uniquely experienced with small, mid, and top-tier gold producers, we ably work with corporate and site leadership within the envelope of business objectives.

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Andrew Zdunich

A former Colonel in the Canadian Army, Andrew’s 27-year military career included operational tours in Europe, Central Asia, and Africa. In the private sector, both as a corporate officer and consultant, he has advised Boards and corporate leadership on enterprise-wide security strategies and crisis management solutions with a client list that includes Fortune 500 entities and several gold mining clients. Fluent in English and French, he is a Member of the Security Institute (MSyI), holds a BA (Military & Strategic Studies) and MA (War Studies) from the Royal Military College of Canada, and an MBA (specialisation in strategy) from the University of Edinburgh.

Steve Care

After a successful career in the UK’s Royal Marines & Specialist Military Units, Steve obtained an MSc in Security Management after which he held senior posts at the Director level and as a consultant. His 30 years of security experience includes work within large multinational global security and mining companies as Programme Manager, Country Manager and Director in North America, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. An expert in tactical and operational level security, he has developed, implemented, and overseen projects across a broad range of industrial sectors, including audits and due diligence of multiple gold mining sites globally.

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With established partnerships in North America, Europe, and Africa, our network benefits from experience in over 30 countries including some of the most challenging locations in the world.

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