Creating and implementing a security strategy to address political and social instability

The challenge

A North American mid-tier gold producer with multiple assets in several countries in West Africa found itself facing increasing political and social instability with limited site level processes to manage operational security requirements. With no corporate-level security subject matter expert or policy, security was siloed, site-oriented, and relegated to a protective tool that did not create value. Moreover, the company’s leadership was inundated with multiple subscription information streams with no time or expertise to properly synthesise or disseminate relevant information let alone leverage it to inform company decisions. Recommended by an existing client and peer, Armetor was asked to benchmark, operationalise, and standardise security capabilities.

Our Solution

Working in close collaboration with the Executive Leadership Team, we commenced with providing independent advice to the Board introducing a Chief Security Officer function, serving as a bridge with regional and site stakeholders. Approaching the problem from top-down, the team conceived and implemented a multi-pillar, information and compliance-driven security strategy from which management standards, operating instructions and procedures were derived for newly defined mandates. The developed framework integrated cross-departmental functional lines to achieve a corporate unity of effort. Leveraging an extensive network, Armetor staffed organisational changes focusing on centralised security capabilities such as operational security information, travel security management, budgetary controls, security contract management, and training.

Armetor Delivered...

Within 5 months of Armetor’s engagement, the client had an actionable long-term vision for security that was financially sustainable, operationally capable, closely integrated with evolving corporate sustainability efforts, and compliant with security related RGMP elements. Through engagement in the budgetary process, operational expenditure savings of more than 100K were realised through elimination of duplication and converting outsourced processes to organic delivery models. Duty of care was being demonstrated through proactive travel security management. Multiple information streams were analysed and fused for distribution in a consumable format on a weekly and incident-driven basis to inform corporate decisions.

Global Reach

Global Experience

With established partnerships in North America, Europe, and Africa, our network benefits from experience in over 30 countries including some of the most challenging locations in the world.

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