Creating a security structure, capabilities, & procedures to ease value-destroying, overseas pressures

The challenge

A European-based provider with assets in West Africa faced a challenging security environment as well as dynamic political and social pressures at local levels. Concurrently, and more pressingly, the client’s significant losses due to theft and artisanal mining required addressing while simultaneously considering a scalable security program for the future. Armetor was engaged to aid in the development and implementation of a holistic, security strategy encompassing sound operational frameworks supported by effective response capabilities.

Our Solution

Armetor commenced with a security diagnostic to include an assessment of strategic and site-level actions and capabilities available and necessary to counter existing threats. Key to this was an evaluation on the effectiveness of existing sustainability programs, outreach initiatives, and the interoperability of the security and community relations departments. The analysis was anchored around our 400-point Gold Security Management audit of the company’s central assets which provided the metrics to establish immediate and long-term focus areas. Additionally, a value assessment of security budget items revealed inefficiencies and areas for improvement. Transitioning to implementation, and in tandem with providing advice to the Executive Team and Board, Armetor established an aggressive schedule with centralised resources to make important improvements to the security culture creating a security policy with a code of conduct as well as corporate standards on gold security and rules on the use of force. At site level, we called upon our network to quickly staff 12 positions of varying seniority, tightened contract management of security providers, and introduced industry leading security risk registers, and standard operating procedures for key events.

Armetor Delivered...

Within 120 days of Armetor’s engagement, the core elements of a scalable strategic architecture were in place with a security department organised, resourced, and empowered to affect the necessary changes urgently required to improve the company’s security profile and culture. Key capital projects were conceived, staffed, prioritised, and prepared for implementation as resources became available. Proactive security provider contract management delivered more value at significantly less cost. Full-time asset surveillance and procedural diligence interdicted resource and asset thefts at all sites. Security resources worked closely with community liaisons on outreach initiatives, and collaboration with appropriate levels of national defence and security forces was resulting in critical support during periods of unrest. Duty of care was improved through detailed revision of Medical Emergency Response Plans in tandem with validation of all security-related clauses of the client’s insurance policies.

Global Reach

Global Experience

With established partnerships in North America, Europe, and Africa, our network benefits from experience in over 30 countries including some of the most challenging locations in the world.

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